Thank you for visiting Chara Games! We believe life's enduring joy comes from our relationships with God and other people. This is why we build games to develop these relationships. We strive to make games of the highest quality that explore Christian topics in a way that respects people of all faith backgrounds. To learn more about Chara Games, visit About Us.



We now have 3 published titles. First, Commissioned is a 2-6 player cooperative game that immerses players in the faith, fear, and wonder of the early church. Second, 3 Seeds is a light strategy game for 2-5 players which explores managing our limited resources with a purpose. Third, UNAUTHORIZED is a social deduction game of shifting loyalties for 6-12 players set in the uncertainty of an underground church. Click on the Link Below to explore all 3 games!

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Commissioned and 3 Seeds are available in the US at your local store or on Amazon. UNAUTHORIZED is now available on Amazon, and is coming to stores soon. International buyers should go to ChristianBook.com for the best international shipping. For any other questions, get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

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