Thank you for visiting Chara Games! We are a startup company established to publish high-quality, entertaining board and card games with Christian themes for teens and adults. Our games will give you the chance to build relationships with your family and friends while exploring modern and historical Christianity. To learn more about Chara Games, visit About Us.



Our first game is entitled Commissioned. It puts players in the shoes of the earliest Christian Apostles. In 1 hour, players work together to strengthen their faith decks, grow the church, collect the New Testament, and overcome trials. We are proud to announce our second game, 3 Seeds successfully funded in June, and is now in production! Look for 3 Seeds to fill your light strategy card game needs for 2-4 players.

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Commissioned is available in the US at your local store or on Amazon. International buyers should check out ChristianBook.com for the best deal on international shipping. For any other questions, get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

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