About Us

Driving Imperative

We believe enduring joy derives from our relationships with God and with other people of all race, gender, and creeds. Chara is the ancient Greek word for enduring joy. This is the kind of joy that does not depend on life's circumstances, but perseveres and grows in the face of difficulty. On the basis of this belief, we built our company to accomplish the following mission.


Building games that create joy by developing relationships with God and people. Tabletop games create a unique opportunity to engage with people and topics you would never interact with otherwise. Also, games allow you to explore and learn in a way that is fun. At Chara Games, we want our games to create the opportunity to develop relationships which will bring joy to the people who are playing.


We want to be known for creating high-quality, fun, approachable games that explore Christian topics with two key design tenets:

1) Our games will deal with the topic in a way that honors and respects the free will of players from every faith background. Our games will never tell you how to think about a subject. Instead, they will create a fun experience for you to play regardless of your desire to engage with the topic.

2) Our games will create the opportunity for a Christian to learn and grow in the faith through play.

Our History

Patrick & Katherine Lysaght founded Chara Games LLC in 2014 to design and publish innovative and fun tabletop games with Christian themes. We want to help you, your family, and your friends find joy through the relationships built around the games we publish. To Learn more about why we started Chara Games, watch this video!