Interested in submitting games for publication?

Chara Games does publish games by other designers!

Here are some guidelines you should consider before contacting us about a game design:


1) We will only review a designed game, not a game concept.

Make sure you have tested, blind-tested, and tested your game some more. For information on this testing process, check out our "Behind The Joy" blog.


2) Games in our lineup must balance approachability with depth.

Our target audience is an even mix of experienced gamers and newcomers. We are trying to both introduce games to Christians and open a non-threatening window on Christianity to gamers. This means our games must be simple enough for a gateway gamer to learn, but carry enough depth to catch an experienced gamer's eye. This is not easy. Hence the need for testing!


3) Games in our lineup must not dictate how a player should think.

Many "Christian games" are terrible because they treat players like a toddler. The game design says, "This is how you must think to win." Besides demeaning your players, this creates a game with no interesting choices. We want our games to explore issues, stories, or historical periods impacting Christians. The key to creating great games in these settings is in shaping the decisions facing the players in the game. Make sure the choices you are creating are real choices with interesting consequences no matter what the player chooses.


4) We are a small company with an extremely limited production capacity.

We hope to publish 1 or 2 games a year for the foreseeable future. For a potential designer, this could mean a long wait until publication (potentially more than a year). Also, since we are so small, expect your design to be Kickstarted. Without a successful crowdfunding campaign, we probably will not have the resources necessary to publish your game.


If you have read these guidelines, think your game is ready, and consider it a good fit for our product line, use the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. Send us a paragraph describing your game (player count, length, age, theme, components, mechanics, elevator pitch, etc). Also, send us a little bit about you. We will let you know that we received your email, and then take some time to consider your game. If we are interested in testing it, we will ask you for a non-returnable prototype.